Novo grupo na Saúde

Pode sempre passar-se «a ver como é»….

HIFA-pt (Informação em saúde para todos)

HIFA-pt é um grupo de discussão em português direcionado a profissionais de saúde, formuladores de políticas, gestores, bibliotecários e editores de todos os países de língua portuguesa com a finalidade de fortalecer a colaboração e a troca de informações entre todos.

HIFA-pt nasceu da necessidade de expandir a discussão do grupo HIFA2015 (Health information for all by 2015) para outros idiomas que o inglês.

HIFA2015 uma rede de conhecimento global administrada pela rede global de informação em cuidados de saúde (Global Healthcare Information Network), uma organização sem fins lucrativos baseada no Reino Unido.

HIFA2015 reúne mais de 2500 profissionais de saúde, formuladores de políticas, gestores, bibliotecários e editores de mais de 150 países no mundo.

Seu objetivo principal é assegurar que todas as pessoas tenham acesso a informação em saúde que precisam.

HIFA 2015


Efeméride do dia

A 28 de Novembro de 1757  nasceu o pintor e poeta  William Blake

Auguries of innocence

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.





Uma nova equipa até 2014

President Barroso unveils his new team

José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, today announced the portfolios responsibilities for the next Commission. The President has held detailed consultations with all the Commissioners-designate in order to assign the right jobs to the right people. The President believes that this team can deliver the agenda for change he set out in the political guidelines he presented in September, following his nomination by all 27 Member States and before his approval as President of the next Commission by the European Parliament.

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Next steps

The new Commission must gain approval from the European Parliament before it takes office for a term of office running until 31 October 2014. Commissioners-designate will appear in individual hearings before Parliamentary committees from 11-19 January. The vote of consent on the new Commission as a whole is foreseen to take place on 26 January. On the basis of the vote of consent, the Commission shall be appointed by the European Council. Then it can start working.

I t will do so on the basis of the political guidelines for the next Commission set out by President Barroso in September last. He highlighted the need for EU leadership, shaping globalisation on the basis of its values and interests. Taking global interdependence as the starting point, he set out a transformational agenda for the EU, a Europe that puts people at the heart of its agenda. He emphasized five key challenges facing Europe:

  • Restarting economic growth today and ensuring long–term sustainability and competitiveness for the future
  • Fighting unemployment and reinforcing our social cohesion
  • Turning the challenge of a sustainable Europe to our competitive advantage
  • Ensuring the security of Europeans
  • Reinforcing EU citizenship and participation.

    Date:  27/11/2009

Começou este mês

Conservation and Management of the Tomb of Tutankhamen

The Getty Conservation Institute has entered into a five-year partnership with Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) to collaborate on a project for the conservation and management of the tomb of Tutankhamen (KV62). Located in the Valley of the Kings, within the World Heritage Site of Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis, the tomb of Tutankhamen is perhaps the most famous of Egypt’s pharaonic tombs. In November 1922, when British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the treasure-filled tomb, the short-lived eighteenth-dynasty pharaoh attained instant and lasting fame. Though KV62 is the smallest of the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings, it was found with its spectacular funerary contents virtually intact and was scientifically excavated over a ten-year period, thus it is of great historic and cultural value.

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Uma irmandade ao serviço de uma demanda…   um filme estreado em 2001,  a partir de uma história escrita entre 1937 e 1949,  na sequência de O Hobbit.   John Ronald Reuel Tolkien terá planeado um volume único mas a obra foi publicada em 3 volumes (entre 1954 e 1955)  e, depois, Jackson realizou 3 filmes que vieram a público entre 2001 e 2003.