“Tempos modernos”… ou vender a ideia da eutanásia

BioEdge desta semana.

Ad agencies compete for best compulsory euthanasia advert

“Now for something COMPLETELY different – two advertisements for compulsory euthanasia. Not the garden-variety voluntary euthanasia that they have in the Netherlands and Belgium, or the sneaky compromise of doctor-assisted suicide, but “80 and Sayonara, nice knowing you”.

The experimental ads were on a network known for good production values and bad taste, Australia’s government-owned ABC. The Gruen Transfer, a program about advertising, set two agencies the challenge of designing persuasive TV ads for compulsory euthanasia. Kevin Macmillan, of The Works, won.

Both ads make the option seem very attractive. The Sydney chapter of a voluntary euthanasia group headed by Dr Philip Nitschke, Exit International, has invited Mr Macmillan to tell them all about it.”


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