Pensamento do dia

“O ser refutável não é o menor dos encantos de uma teoria.”

F.W. Nietzsche


Pensamento do dia

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

E. Kubler-Ross

Em open acess: Bioethics in the 21st century

Às vezes,  o tema que andamos a investigar aparece-nos diante dos olhos 🙂

Bioethics is primarily an applied ethics of health related issues. It is considered an important guide for health care and its discourses and practices. Health related technology, such as information technology, is changing rapidly. Bioethics should arguably address such change as well as continue to address more established areas of health care and emerging areas of social concern such as climate change and its relation to health. This book illustrates the range of bioethics in the 21st century. The book is intentionally not comprehensive but rather illustrative of established, emerging and speculative bioethics, such as ethics of mental health care, ethics of nano-technology in health care, and ethics of cryogenics, respectively. Hopefully the book will motivate readers to reflect on health care as a work in progress that requires continuous ethical deliberation and guidance.

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Juízo do gosto: How does the brain perceive art?

“Our findings support the idea that when people make aesthetic judgements, they are subject to a variety of influences. Not all of these are immediately articulated. Indeed, some may be inaccessible to direct introspection but their presence might be revealed by brain imaging. It suggests that different regions of the brain interact together when a complex judgment is formed, rather than there being a single area of the brain that deals with aesthetic judgements.”

How Does the Brain Perceive Art?

“We want to believe that pleasure is simple, that our delight in a fine painting or bottle of wine is due entirely to the thing itself. But that’s not the way reality works. Whenever we experience anything, that experience is shaped by factors and beliefs that are not visible on the canvas or present in the glass. Even the most exquisite works in the world — and what is more exceptional than a Rembrandt portrait? — still require a little mental help. We only see the beauty because we are looking for it.”

marcas muito interessantes


“Nas metrópoles modernas há factores de desenraizamento que resultam de não sabermos a história do chão na nossa rua, ou dos monumentos alcançados pela janela do carro quando vamos para o trabalho. Ou ainda a origem de certa toponímia e a personalidade representada na estátua de um largo. Como a tradição de um restaurante e o cheiro de uma árvore, durante um passeio dominical.

Sendo um dos produtos do PROJECTO MARCAS DAS CIÊNCIAS E DAS TÉCNICAS PELAS RUAS DE LISBOA, este sítio fornece instrumentos que propiciem bons hábitos de descoberta e momentos de bem-estar, fornecendo pistas para sentir o pulsar dos bairros históricos lisboetas, num melhor e mais perdurante aproveitamento científico e técnico, e, por isso mesmo, também cultural.”

Segundo as fichas, é só escolher construído, estatutária ou toponímia. E ruas familiares ficam com detalhes novos….