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Lendo: Grisham, Os Litigantes

Para quem gosta de Grisham, este é um dos melhores textos. Sobretudo, de bom humor, de voltas e reviravoltas, de um quotidiano desenxaibido  às baterias apontadas à indústria farmacêutica. Como se perde e ganha…

Sobretudo, uma leitura que apela a ir lendo, e entretém deveras… De «lendo» a «lido» num instante…


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“you must change your life”, Sloterdijk

O lema pode parecer inspirador (e será)

Este é título de um texto de Peter Slojedik, de 2009,

You Must Change Your Life is thus an “absolute imperative” – more absolute/totalitarian than Kantian categorical imperative, and is found at the very core of all religious thought and action. He who wants to change himself, must work on himself. Sloterdijk prefers a somewhat old-fashioned notion of “practice/discipline”  because it speaks not of  a simple change of products but of a transformation of self. And so Sloterdijk sets off in search of these practitioners and finds them in all walks of life, inside convent walls on beds of nails, but also increasingly today among professional athletes. He calls this human urge to outgrown oneself, to leave the basecamp and to reach the top of the mountain “vertical tension.”


But why should I change? Who ultimately has the right or the authority to order me to change? This is, for Sloterdijk, the crisis itself: economic, cultural, moral and ecological crisis. If bankers in their unbridled greed can steal billions, if a vast number of people think of cable television as “culture” and of hamburgers as “pleasure,” if we are destroying the very foundation of our life on this planet, then we must utlimately seriously question ourselves about these matters.  Sloterdijk wants us to “adopt daily practices/disciplines of good habits of our communal survival.”

aqui uma perspetiva.