Dia Internacional do Enfermeiro 2014 – “Nurses: a force for change. A vital resource for health”

2014 icn die

Todos os anos, o ICN divulga o tema do ano para assinalar o Dia Internacional do Enfermeiro (a 12 de maio). O tema do DIE 2014 é: Nurses: A Force for Change – A vital resource for health.

“The content of this year’s kit, including the poster image are posted here as downloadable documents for use by individual nurses, associations, health ministries and health institutions. This material has already been disseminated to national nurses’ associations worldwide. Though mainly planned around May 12 each year, IND activities continue for much of the year by nurses and others. We encourage nurses everywhere to make extended use of the Nurses: A Force for Change – A vital resource for health kit throughout the year, through individual action and group activities.”

O kit disponível no site aqui

“We are in a world of constant change and responding to these changes is difficult if we take only a local approach. Whilst local context is essential for understanding and designing services, we are increasingly globally connected. This connectivity can be seen in the movement of people, technologies, finance, knowledge and information. This means we are increasingly interdependent in terms of key resources and health is no exception. Labour markets for health professionals with internationally recognised credentials are not only national but also global. Education can be delivered at a distance or through a franchise and may or may not be aligned with the education and health needs of the practitioner and the citizens they serve. Everywhere the rules are changing and many of the assumptions we made in the past simply don’t apply with in this new world”


The most effective use of the nurse resources occurs when nurses are able to practice to the full extent of their education, training and capabilities.  (p. 30)
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