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Pela mão de um amigo, chegou ao meu conhecimento a  INETDIN – International Network for Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Nursing

Também gostei do apelo: “At the moment finding an ETD relevant to your field requires some persistence as there is no one global repository of all of nursing’s ETDs. However our website points you to relevant international, national and local portals, and gives you some tips on getting the best out of them. Our aim is to promote swift, open access to all ETDs which have their full text freely available to download. However in the process you will find that some universities routinely restrict access. If we can grow communities of engaged students and supervisors, we can advocate for an end to this unnecessary practice.”

Research has shown that ETDs are growing hugely in number around the world, yet nurses often know little about how to access these or develop their own using multi-media sources. This website has been created by nurse scholars and academic librarians to help address these issues.

In the process we seek to build an innovative global community of users and developers of ETDs (Student & Supervisor Community)

During autumn 2015 we also hope to contribute editorials to key journals, highlighting the new network. Please feel very free to disseminate this website link and join us in developing this new community!

Founding Partners:

Robert_Gordon_University_logo.svg.fw 542 83.fw
Aberdeen, UK

DU_LOGO_Black 20

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

curtin 542 83.fw
Perth, Australia


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