Tema DIE 2016 | “Nurses: A Force for Change: Improving health systems’ resilience”


“The IND theme for 2016 is : Nurses: A Force for Change: Improving health systems’ resilience.”

“Dear Colleagues,
The need for strong and resilient health systems able to respond effectively to challenges is key to realising the United Nations’Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You may wonder how you as a nurse can help to strengthen health systems around the world.
As a member of the single largest group of health professionals, with a presence in all settings, nurses can make an enormous impact on the resilience of health systems.
Every decision that you make in your practice can make a significant difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system.


It is imperative that we identify in our organisations and in ourselves, opportunities to strengthen and develop resilience. By promoting the nursing voice, we can help guide improvements in the quality of health service delivery and inform health systems strengthening. Nurses’ input into health sector policies will help ensure that supportive work environments for practice are taken into account when policies are reformed. It is our duty to ensure that governments and policymakers understand that confident, well-informed nursing leaders who understand their role in developing a workforce to meet new challenges are essential to ensure the success of the SDGs and to meet the health challenges of the future.

Judith Shamian

Kit aqui


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