EuroHealth nº 2, 2016



Special Issue on Health Systems Strengthening (Ljubljana Charter 1996–2016)

Destaco dois artigos:


As the concept of universal health coverage (UHC) has gained prominence internationally, some have questioned its relevance for high-income countries, especially for countries that already offer universal (or near-universal) population coverage. This line of questioning is misguided because it limits UHC to population coverage and assumes that past achievements cannot be undone. In the years following the economic crisis, many people in EU member states experienced an erosion of health coverage. Before the crisis, unmet need for health services was falling across the EU, but by 2014 it had once again reached the level of 2007.
Summary: The inability to invest in and develop mortality information systems has been considered the single most critical failure in health information systems. Health information systems are an integral part of health systems. This includes strengthening not only the information content but also the information systems themselves, health information platforms and infrastructure. In this article, particular focus has been placed on the regional and inter-sectoral approach to implementation adopted in Portugal. The article shows how legal and operational barriers have been overcome and focuses
on the potential of the new system to improve the quality and timeliness of mortality statistics.

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