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[NEL] – Eccentricity



  1. an oddity or peculiarity, as of conduct.
  2. the quality of being eccentric.
  3. the amount by which something is eccentric.
  4. Machinery: the distance between the centres of two cylindrical objects one of which surrounds the other, as between an eccentric and the shaft on which it is mounted.
  5. Mathematics: a constant expressed as the ratio of the distance from a point on a conic to a focus and the distance from the point to the directrix.

Etymology: from Middle French excentrique, from Mediaeval Latin excentricus, from Ancient Greek ἔκκεντρος (ékkentros, “not having the earth as the centre of an orbit”), from ἐκ (ek, “out”) + κέντρον (kéntron, “point”).

[Taming of the Shrew, Vladimir Kush]



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