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Portugal não consta, mas vale a pena saber.

The World Values Survey provides data on socio-cultural and political change worldwide. The WVS consists of national sample surveys in over 90 countries, using a common questionnaire with variables on beliefs, values, economic development, democratisation, religion, gender equality, social capital, and subjective well-being.

The survey is coordinated by the World Values Survey Association (Stockholm) and undertaken by social scientists since 1981. Work on the seventh wave of WVS commenced in 2017.

See also the EUI Library resource pages for the European Values Study, European Social Survey, Eurobarometer and the ICPSR data archive.

Time period – Six waves of the World Values Survey are available:   Wave 6 (2010-2014)

Wave 7 (forthcoming 2019)

  • The WVS Association also provides integrated longitudinal multiple-wave data files in Stata, SPSS and rdata format:

Support links

The WVS documentation page gives user instructions and details of data collection methology.

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