The Gardener’s Garden

The Gardener’s Garden, Phaidon Press. Neste livro com 250 jardins do mundo, Portugal está presente com 5 jardins (como se tal fosse possível, só 5!…) O Jardim do Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira (Lisboa), a Quinta da Regaleira (Sintra), o Parque de Serralves (Porto), o Parque Terra Nostra (Açores) e a Quinta do Palheiro (Madeira) são os exemplos portugueses.

“As gardening books go, ‘The Gardener’s Garden’, conceived and edited by Phaidon Press Editors, is a heavyweight. It has to be one of the largest gardening books I have ever read but then considering it is, as Dan Pearson describes: “The definitive guide to over 250 of the world’s most outstanding gardens”, one would expect nothing less.

Designed to inspire and educate green fingered enthusiasts and curated by an international panel of horticultural and gardening experts, it draws together for the first time a collection of the world’s gardens by leading designers, horticulturalists and landscape architects from the 14th century to the present day. The gardens featured have been selected by a panel of six experts – Dan Pearson (UK) Madison Cox (USA), Toby Musgrave (UK/Denmark), Bill Noble (USA), Made Wijaya (Bali) and Ravindra Bhan (India) – who draw together a collection of gardens covering examples of the great influential designers of the past to the talents of the more contemporary designers of the present.

The gardens are arranged by geographical location, which I found useful, formulating a picture of the gardening history and style of a particular region or country. There are also some unexpected countries included like Finland, Poland and Barbados so the editors have really cast their net wide. From sculptural gardens, such as Inhotim designed by Luiz Carlos Orsini in Brazil, through the modernist gardens of Thomas Church, such as the Pool Garden at El Novillero in California, to the famous Renaissance gardens at Villa d’Este and urban spaces like New York’s High Line, this book contains a cornucopia of beautiful and creative gardens to set the imagination on fire.” (fonte Reckless Gardener)

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