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Christinne K. Harris


Christinne K. Harris

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Philip Lück e 3D

Philip Lück, também conhecido como @philiplueck é um artista alemão que trabalha com modelagem 3d e motion, criando diversas obras abstratas com um toque de realismo. Em algumas delas brinca com o significado de palavras como o Lucky Strike e Pense fora da caixa, já em outros, os objetos recebem uma nova função.

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Michael Cheval, arte do absurdo?


Imagine II

Love Hunter II

Michael Cherval

The Absurdist art of Michael Cheval is thought-provoking and a joy to examine, but it can also leave viewers with more questions than answers, such as “what is the meaning behind this?”

Cheval says one of the greatest joys he experiences in creating art is starting a “game” with the viewer, where they must solve the riddle of the painting’s hidden meaning. The titles serve as clues, but the rest is left up to the viewer to decipher.

“I turn everything upside down and let people see the common things in a new light from a different angle,” Cheval says. “It’s regular, usual things—it’s about love and hate, about dreams, about magic.”


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3d sketch, David Moreno

Spanish sculptor David Moreno (previously) continues to blur the lines between two and three dimensions with his architectural artworks. Created using hundreds of steel rods and lengths of piano wire, Moreno’s sculptures take the shape of buildings, and his more recent works have ventured indoors, highlighting interior details like doorways and staircases. In 2017, the artist also created a large, immersive installation in the United Arab Emirates titled “Connecting Doors.”  Moreno shares his work on Instagram and Behance.

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