Faz lembrar uma cena de Inception.

British sculptor Alex Chinneck captured the attention of Milan Design Week 2019 with his surreal “unzipping” building in the middle of Milan’s Tortona District. Chinneck’s bold combination of architecture, art and theatre was created for smoke-free innovators IQOS, in an exhibition titled “World Revealed.” Inside the space, a section of the floor was also unzipped, with the space behind emitting a hypnotic light – and the same again on an internal wall in the next room. (source)

British sculptor Alex Chinneck has ‘Unzipped’ the façade of a building in Milan as part of the city’s Design Week festivities. To create the dramatic effect, Chinneck created a totally new elevation in the style of traditional Milanese architecture, which appears to open up to reveal the building’s interior. the interior spaces, on the other hand, are radically transformed through unexpected ‘openings’ in the cement pavement and stone walls. (source)

Walter Van Beirendonck: Dream The World Awake

Walter Van Beirendonck: Dream The World Awake

“Dream the World Awake was a slogan, to say it’s important to dream but you have to be awake and be concerned and aware of reality. I like the duality of one side dreaming and the other a reality. I use dreaming in an extreme way, but it also makes a real statement.”