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Ilustrações de Angel Boliban

homenagem a Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Brian Kesinger ou a combinação Star Wars e Calvin & Hobbes

Brian Kesinger (here) (…)  has created a magical mashup universe, putting a Calvin And Hobbes twist on everybody’s favorite Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters, and it works perfectly.”Being a kid in the ’80s I was raised on a steady diet of Disney, Star Wars, and comic books, so being able to work on so many amazing films and projects has really been a dream come true,” Brian told The Verge. Kesinger admitted admiring Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin & Hobbes deeply. “I was always amazed at how he could draw anything from cute stuffed tigers to ferocious dinosaurs piloting fighter jets. His inking style seemed so casual and loose and yet the drawings were so solid.”

I’m not the first to mash-up Calvin & Hobbes with pop culture,” the artist who has worked on Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and Tarzan said. “[but] I think the difference here is that I went a little deeper with the idea. Once I really made the comparison that Kylo Ren was probably a difficult child much like Calvin, it really resonated with people. The metaphor was solidified when I made Darth Vader Kylo’s imaginary friend.”  (fonte aqui)


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Ilustrações “Focus on Nature”


Lisa Falkenstern – Califon, New Jersey, USA  Tulip Tree Roots

Esther van Hulsen, Hagan Norway, Ichthyosaurus
Linda M. Feltner – Hereford, Arizona USA – Ringtail, Blue-winged Grasshopper
Leah Jay – San Jose, California USA – Cave Salamander (Eurycea lucifuga)
Da bienal «Focus on Nature» dez 2016 – abr 2017 – catálogo da XIV